Ranking The 33 Countries I’ve Visited From Worst To Best

I’ve been to 33 countries so far in my 31 years of life, and today, I’m ranking them from the worst to the best. Keep in mind that these are my own personal opinions and experiences. And since I’m 31, I do not care about yours. I’m honest and will be so about every single one of these countries except for one.

If travel taught me anything, it’s that countries are about the people. Not about the attractions or the roads or anything else. The people make it or break it. And the food, of course. You can’t beat a pasta dish from Italy no matter where you’re coming from. But I digress. So without further to do, here we go!

33. Austria

This is the worst out of all the countries I’ve ever been to. Because of a delusional Marriott manager who managed to screw up my one night in Vienna. Countries are about the people. 0 out of 5.

surroundings rudeness vienna austria

32. Serbia

Terrible border police, terrible roads, so bad we got lost with a GPS, terrible buildings looking like 1991 Romania. I didn’t like it at all, I’m not sorry. Maybe next time will be better.

31. Germany

How do people live in Germany and not literally die of boredom? Stayed there for 10 days for my cousin’s wedding and all I can remember was having a day in Munchen and loving it.

30. Belgium

Had a layover and got to visit the Charleroi town. It was blasting with music, garbage and bad and expensive food. Not for me, but in Belgium’s defence I’ve yet to see Gent or Bruge.

29. Bulgaria

The next countries coming up I’ve visited before the era of Instagram. Bulgaria had nothing memorable. I literally cannot think of a nice thing to say about it. It’s bland, like saltless chips.

28. Montenegro

I remember a church on a hill by a sea that I would later find out it’s a lake. That’s that. I was young, wild and free. Well as free as you can be when they take you around Europe in a Dacia.

27. Albania

Another one on this list. Albania is such a blurr, it might be number 4 on this list but I won’t be able to tell. I’m planning on revisiting these countries soon, #insta but for now… Yeah.

26. Slovakia

We had a flat tire in Slovakia and the person who helped us stole one of our bags. Not the greatest place on Earth but hey, they could’ve stolen our food. Or one of my parents.

25. Poland

Coming back to the present, Poland was cold and muggy. Maybe me visiting the concentration camps at Auschwitz had to do with it. But no, I will never go back to that country.

24. Slovenia

Aaaand we are back to childhood and Slovenia has that lake. But we never went because we were driving a Dacia and so we had to avoid bad roads and especially curbs. Dacias don’t like curves in the road.

23. Luxembourg

It’s so small this one, I am not even sure we’ve ever been. I just put it in there because I’ve been to it technically, even though it’s probably been a pass-by. And 33 sounds better than 32…

22. Bosnia

All I remember was the terrifying roads. And Sarajevo, which was a disaster. I know this country is in the works and is on my list but back then, it was bad. The people were great though!

21. Croatia

This was our final destination back then. And I can still remember the beaches and the big umbrellas. Not much else. Croatia is not on my current list. I’d rather Bosnia and Albania.

20. Egypt

Nice people in Egypt except for that dude at the pyramids trying to sell me… well, nothing! Apart from that it’s a safe country if you have a police officer with you. Book through an agency!


19. Switzerland

19 bucks for a sausage and a roll and that’s why this place is only on the 19th place. Even though people praise it like it’s the Virgin Mary of countries. Loved the waterfall.

18. Ireland

I spent 7 hours in this country and don’t see myself going for 3 days. The beer was delicious. Craziest people I’ve EVER seen. Not in a bad way completely but… mad! Lovely sights.

17. Malta

Almost nobody knows I’ve been here. It was one of those Ryanair layovers from here to there but then you take a detour because it’s $8 for everything. Nice airport. Graciously expensive!

16. Iceland

EXPENSIVE doesn’t even begin to describe this place. 33 dollars for a piece of oily fish and some fries. But yeah, Iceland is ANOTHER PLANET and I loved it there a ton Ton TON!

15. North Macedonia

It was called Macedonia when I went. Lovely people in the capital city, delicious food and a good vibe. Although 150 statues in the central area is a bit much. Maybe invest in some buses next?

14. England

With its fish and chips and bad weather, England is nice but expensive. I’d live there if I could afford it but I couldn’t even if I’d win the lottery. But it’s nice once a year for London and the theatre.

13. France

I loved my time in Paris although no, I got no Paris Syndrome or whatever they call it. It’s not perfect. Not even close. What’s perfect is the food. I can still remember its perfectionism. Oh la la!

12. Czech Republic

Beautiful ladies, beautiful beer, food and buildings. Apart from that they have this church made out of human bones 2 hours by train from Prague. Surreal. And the girls are really beautiful.

prague top 10 favourite cities europe gabriel iosa freelance writer content creation

11. Portugal

Boy, Portugal was AWESOME! Lisbon is incredible, the food was something else, and Sintra was like a book on magic but in real life, the ocean was windy as fuck… an adorable place!

10. Turkey

If there’s one place to eat the best food on this planet, that’s Istanbul. No other place will treat you as well as the Turkish people. They will rip you off but they will do it with a smile on their faces and you just can’t help but love them for it. Plus the buzz of Istanbul is unmatched.

9. Hungary

I’ve been to Budapest more times than my own capital city. No wonder they keep messing them up! Budapest is lovely and the people are really nice. Also it’s cheap and just 5 hours away.

8. Greece

I’ve been to Greece three times and every single time the place grew on me. Not just to the islands but also to Athens and the other cities. Santorini was a bit of a bust but I still enjoyed it.

7. Spain

Spain is like Italy but without the food. For me, it has the same incredible sights to see as the Italians. The main difference is that the people are not that open-minded. They try but something holds them back. Try the paella in Valencia. And the beach in Barcelona.

And gambas con aglio in Madrid! Oh man…

6. Scotland

People in Scotland exude kindness. I’ve been to Edinburgh to see the places where Harry Potter took birth. And to the Highlands to cry over the beauty of nature. Even to Loch Ness to try and find Nessie. I didn’t. But I did find a place I wouldn’t mind retiring when I’m 50 or so.

5. Morocco

Morocco is like Turkey but on steroids. In Istanbul, you have street vendors that will drag you in their stores. In Marrakech, you have snake charmers that don’t mind you falling into a plock of cobras! What a wonderful place. Special, historical, emotional. I will never forget it.

4. United States of America

Just writing this country’s name here on the list still feels surreal. As a Romanian with no rich background, even going to the US is a dream come true. I cannot wait to go back soon!

3. Sweden

Stockholm was a delight for me, even though the people were not very open at first. That’s until I made a friend at a local coffee shop. And then another at the metro station. And so on. Sweden captured my heart and mind, which is something not a lot of countries have done.

2. Romania

I saw most of Romania and when you do go and visit it, and see its natural wonders, it’s like a dream. And you know what? People are nice! Comparing it to Austria, Serbia, or Germany? Incredible people especially in the rural areas. Romania has A LOT to offer, and we’re to blame for not going to live it to its full potential.


Out of all of these 33 countries, Italy is my number one. No other country has stolen my heart like Italy. I’ve been 50 times. And I’ll go 50 times more.

And it will never be enough.

cinque terre trail in italy

What is your favourite country you’ve ever visited? Shoot me a DM on Instagram and let’s chat!

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