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final thoughts 2020

A Few Final Thoughts On 2020

I’m staring at this blank page where I should be writing some final thoughts on 2020, but nothing comes out. After a normal year, it usually comes easy for me to do a recap, a rewind, review, whatever. But in my mind, everything that has...

life moments 2020

Top 5 Life-Changing Moments Of 2020

2020 was a life-changing year in itself. So it was really hard for me to come up with the top 5 of these past 12 months because, back in 2019, I relied on the exploring that I did through my travels. And that’s when most of my life-changing moments...

goals 2020

How I’ve Done With My 10 Goals For 2020 This Year

About a year ago, right after my trip to Bucharest to see the parade on National Day (which was the last flight I’ve ever taken before the pandemic, sad puppy face) I was writing a piece about 10 goals that I’ll be implementing in 2020. There was...

best restaurant romania

I’ve Found The Best Restaurant In Romania

After years of dedicated work, and by that I mean eating, I’ve finally found the very best restaurant in my beloved Romania. Being a travel lover and digital nomad, I decided to change the scenery of 2020, which mostly consisted of my home office...

freelance writer books amazon

Lessons After Selling 100 Books On Amazon

You might be wondering why am I rambling about selling just 100 books on Amazon, and what sort of lessons could anyone get from it. You might be right about it, but if you look at it from my perspective, selling anything that you’ve made for the...

money freelance writer 2020

How Much Money I’ve Made In 2020 As A Freelance Writer

2020 has been a money and mental hustle for all of us. Regardless if you’re self-employed or not, we’ve all been through hell and back trying to make ends meet. Even if we’re doing well, we’re still struggling to keep the pace, mentally and...

save money freelancing

Six Freelancing Secrets On How To Save Money In 2020

Freelancing secrets about how to save money are my thing in the sense that I’ve discovered most of them on my own. You don’t need much in order to realise that you can’t put money away if you’re not disciplined about it. Or stop buying stupid stuff...

freelance writer books amazon

How To Make $2543 A Month As A Freelance Writer

Hi! My name is Gabriel and I’m a freelance writer. Over the past 10 years, my only source of income was my writing. What was just a hobby once turned into a profession before I became aware of it. For the past decade, I did nothing but write...

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