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night mountain cabin

Spending The Night Alone At A Mountain Cabin

Spending the night alone at a cabin in the forest on a mountain might take you to a place of horror mentally. It means you’ve seen way too many scary movies that have absolutely nothing to do with reality. In fact, I just did that a few weeks ago...

The 3 Rules Of Life Nobody Ever Told You About

People live an unfulfilling life because they miss or ignore the rules of life. I’m a seeker, which means, I don’t know anything for certain if it’s not a certain rule. This means I don’t know if this or that is true, if that god is real or not, or...

small habits

30 Small Habits That Will Make You Happier With Your Life

Small habits are often overlooked by most people. Because they’re small and we think we’re the middle of the Universe. So why does it matter if we sleep well, or eat healthily, do some sports or talk with our relatives regularly? We’re so important...

best eats

Top 10 Best Eats From Four Years Of Travels

Who’s in for a list of best eats from all over the world?! I was browsing my blog the other night just after the last meal of the day, which is dinner. And then I realised “dude, I’ve never pulled out a top 10 of my absolute best eats I’ve...

Taming The Mind In 5 Steps: How To Train Your Dragon

A dragon is a big, fiery, untamed creature. It is the perfect parabole for the mind. The human mind, not that of a bird, or a dog, or even an actual dragon. Besides protecting its liar, a dragon most likely has a greater mind than ours. And we’re...

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