Spending The Night Alone At A Mountain Cabin

night mountain cabin

Spending the night alone at a cabin in the forest on a mountain might take you to a place of horror mentally. It means you’ve seen way too many scary movies that have absolutely nothing to do with reality. In fact, I just did that a few weeks ago and for me, this experience of being away, in the cabin of my dreams, for 24 hours was nothing but relaxing and exciting.

The Cabin

When you get to this cabin, you feel like you’ve entered a movie set. It’s impeccable. It looks like you’re about to play in a movie about nature, or if you’re that kind of a guy, a horror film about how you’re going to be murdered in a cabin in the woods. If it were for me to die that way, I’d totally go for this place to be slaughtered by some maniacs. Nothing like that happened, fortunately.


The Dog

When I got out of the car and unlocked the door of the cabin, I remembered I also got some to-go lunch before leaving town. You know, just a 5-piece spicy wing meal with a diet drink, as I’m cutting sugar again. When I got the bag from my trunk and closed it, right there in front of the entrance was this dog. Like, a really big, furry dog. Standing right in front of the entrance.

Was this a stray dog? Was this hungry, about to devour me? What is this dog doing here, standing between me and the entrance to the cabin of my dreams? And my lunch?! Turns out the dog was just hungry. I gave him some bread and, later on, some bones from the wings. We become cabin buddies fast. He guarded the entrance to the property throughout the night.

The Riverside Grill

A little path takes me to a hidden gem right near the mountain cabin: a riverside grill area, complete with a huge wooden table, chairs, hammocks and surely, a stone pit for the fire. It is RIGHT near the river which, because of recent floods and rainfalls, flows rapidly and vigorously by the back of the cabin. I try to make a fire and succeed, but the rain starts again and ruins it shortly.

I do manage to get some marshmallows crispy before this happens. Also, I do start out my steak for dinner, but the fire is not strong enough to even sear the meat. I need to get it cooked through inside but, for the experience, it was worth it trying to start the fire. I can only imagine having some friends here, cooking steaks and having some beers at night. Magic.


The Rain

Weather can be a problem if you look at it as a problem. If you consider it a blessing, then it can be raining non-stop for hours and it would still feel like a blessing for you. The same applies to any event in your life in general. When I got to the cabin it was raining softly, and at some point the rain started to really downpour. But it never bothered me. Wooden cabin, rain falling down? 

Yes! It was a definite “yes” from me for this rain that was happening all around. Why? Because the rain gave my 24-hour stay an extra level of authenticity. Because you usually see rain or snow dropping over a mountain cabin in the movies. In this particular situation, I was living that movie. Rain is one of my favourite natural occurrences. It is so meditative, it makes you wonder.

The Sleep

I usually get very good sleep most of the nights. But that night at the mountain cabin in particular, I happened to go into an incredibly deep, quiet, uneventful sleep for around 6 hours. I don’t sleep a lot at home either. I just focus on getting great quality over quantity. It’s better to have a few hours of deeper sleep than to stay in bed for 14 hours, waking up every 30 minutes or so.

The Video

I’ve made a short video, sort of a silent vlog encapsulating my experience at the cabin in this more visual form. It’s my attempt at reaching fame and becoming a travel vlogger, just like I’ve always wanted to. Who knows, maybe this video is the first in a series of travel vlogs that will eventually put me on the track to becoming the next “Fun for Louie”! Or a shorter version of him.

P.S.: I’ve been writing mostly “serious” articles in 2020. About the pandemic, about investing, business, freelancing tips, travel. Long, filled with information, a little descriptive but not enough. This is BY FAR the most relaxing, laidback, enjoyable article that I’ve written over the past 6 months. It was so calming, writing through it. I hope it reads the same way that it wrote. 

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