How My 7th Grade Teacher Broke My Spirit And Made Me A Writer

My Facebook profile reads “I write stuff” at the very top of it.

I’m much more “artistic” on Instagram and LinkedIn but for Facebook… it’s good enough.

That’s what people see when they click on my head, after typing my name in the Search bar.

I’ve been a writer my entire life.

I wrote my first story at age 8 and my teacher said it was terrible.

Breaking my spirit and ruining my life, with her fancy clothes and dusty smell.


I’m not going into details about this right now. I’m still healing.

She’s a teacher. I was 8. Of course, you’re taking her side.

I didn’t.

I was starting to taste the magic of words for both the good and the bad, and have been doing so for over 2 decades now.

As my old man Albus puts it, “Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.”

Truth. A writer knows.

I believe words are the pillars of our society. Words heal, as well as damage people. They capture our hearts, and when the time comes, break them. If it weren’t for words, we’d all be cats jumping from one drape to another.

Which in retrospect is not a very bad way to live, is it?

Writing for the Soul

When was the last time you read something and had an “Aha!” moment?

Was it a week ago? A month ago? Years ago?

Never ago?!?

That might as well depend on what you do. If you’re a doctor or a lawyer, you might not be into reading that much. If you’re more of a creative person, the answer may be a bit more actual.

Now the question that seals the deal (and sells my services to you) is, when was the last time you wrote something… and had an epiphany?

This is what this life of mine, the life of a content writer, is all about. It’s about taking ordinary, boring words (like, I don’t know, “lawsuit”, “internal audit”, or “menopause”) and turning them into something worth reading. Crafting them into something that ignites feelings within another person. It’s about making a little magic with ordinary letters that are organised just right to change people’s lives.

Including yours.

Starting with yours.

How? Through stories meant to bring you into a state of frenzy, of wanting to read and write, even if you’ve never tried it before.

This mishap of mine, of my teacher breaking my spirit, was the foundation of me now helping people across the globe achieve and sell anything, including their own brand, talents, services and products, through the magic of words.

I learned, through spirit-breaking and hard work, how to solve the puzzle of letters and phrases by stating facts, creating a bond, telling a truthful story and then convincing someone to do something.

To act.


To become.

Make them hire you for the job you’ve always wanted.

Get that raise to pay for your dream vacation.

Ask her out and have her say “Yes”.

Have them buy your writing services.

A little pushy? Okay, okay… wait, don’t go!

I’ll back down. I’m a writer, not a quarterback.

… Let’s screw Elizabeth!

Tell Them Your Story

If you’re looking for a spell that will ultimately turn your content game into some phantasmagoria successful endeavour, put this article in the bin and move to another thing. But if you do believe in the mission I’m here to preach, as a writer, if you truly believe that words are magic, then you and I can solve the puzzle of letters for whichever situation you’re facing right now, together.

If that’s the case, then you should keep reading.

Even if that makes you $100/hr poorer.

Before you PayPal me for this crash course in spirit-breaking, let me tell you more about that teacher and her “impoverishing” review of my story about Orca the Cat.

A cat named Orca, yes. Because at 8, everything makes sense and then nothing makes sense in those little heads we have. Who cares if orcas are killer whales who’ve got nothing in common with cats? That is the name for my cat, in my story, and that’s how it is, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth was my teacher.

She’s retired now, after an unremarkable career as a teacher.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a book published (and hopefully a second one in the works) and made over $350.000 from putting words together for 150 clients from all over the world over the past decade.

Yeah, I know, I wouldn’t believe it either.

But it’s true.

Let us leave Elizabeth to enjoy her retirement and dive into the magical world of content creation. I’m excited for you to discover this realm, to make it your own and to change your surroundings thanks to learning the power of writing.

This is the right time for you to shine, both in real life and on paper.

It is your time to turn boring letters into magical words.

Words are magic. This is your spellbook.


Gabriel Iosa



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