Gabriel Iosa

Freelancing, How To Be Good At It

Becoming good at freelancing is no easy task. Like most things in life, getting good at something comes after trial and error. I’m not good with girls, for example, but that’s not because of me, per se, but because I’ve never invested time and...

I Earned Top Rated Status On Upwork

I earned Top Rated status on Upwork. I’ll be honest with you: I’ve never been looking for titles or prizes or diplomas ever in my life. I find them useless for the most part. Yes, I wouldn’t trust a brain surgeon without a diploma, but I’d be...

You should try local cuisine wherever you travel

You should try local cuisine wherever you travel

Conveniently envisioneer goal-oriented alignments for vertical leadership. Seamlessly engineer market positioning processes without high-payoff applications. Compellingly conceptualize customized web-readiness after stand-alone platforms...

Your smile is the only accessory you’ll ever need

Your smile is the only accessory you’ll ever need

Distinctively iterate effective benefits rather than best-of-breed materials. Authoritatively initiate timely portals without team driven convergence. Globally brand scalable testing procedures before market positioning intellectual capital...

300 Days Of Non-Stop Writing

Wow! I feel like I deserve a medal. Or at least a parade. Wow, it’s been 300 days since I started this challenge. I remember it as if it was yesterday. I was sitting around the laptop and wondering what would be a great challenge to take on in 2018...

Why My Mornings Are The Best

I’ve never been a morning person. I dreaded waking up for school. The first minutes were hell. The breakfast was tasting like rubbish, regardless of what cereal was in the bowl. The commute was awful, feeling as if it would never end. And the first...

What Is A Content Creator Anyways?!

As you guys might know, I’m a content creator. People ask me all the time about how I earn my money. And when I tell them that I write for a living, they usually raise their noses and then just say “meh” or “aha” and leave.

Gabriel Iosa



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