The 32 Strangers Who Have Changed My Life Forever In 2018

32 people I’ve never met in real life. 32 humans I have never had a drink or a chat with before. A bunch of complete strangers changed my life in 2018. They were no members of my family. No friends. Not even close friends, let alone best friends. Some of my best friends have left me behind this year. It’s all good. Expect nothing, and you shall be happy, as the Bible says.

Or whatever book says that.

The truth is, my clients proved out to be amazing people. I’ve had nothing but amazing clients this year, who helped me put up my freelancing business and make it a sustainable source of not only income but personal fulfilment and joy. Doing what you love for a living is bliss.

Clients are the best when you are doing your best

This is why I will do the unthinkable and write the most classy, cliche and Christmasy letter for each and every single one of my 2018 clients. I know some of them will hate it, but I don’t care! I’ll personally email the letters to them and thank them a ton for their trust. Without them, I’d probably be a supermarket cashier, or a security guard, or worse, live off of my parents still.

Because of them, I am now an independent individual, with all the good and the bad this title brings, of course. I have complete freedom on what to do with my money, with my time, with my life in general. This is what happiness should be, for all I know.

You enjoying your job is far more important than $$$

Finding the joy in your job, transforming your passion into a stable income source, doing the best that you can every single day and, at the end of the year, taking the time to thank the people who’ve helped you to get to where you are. It’s simple if you yourself keep things simple.

You maybe have had a rough year this year. I did in 2017. Oh boy, was that year a bad one. The worst one. But here I am, one year later, all good and ready for the next year. The only piece of advice I can give you, regardless if you’ve had a bad or a good year, is to keep your focus on the final prize. Never let your end goal step out of your visual perimeter.

Overlook it like if it were a gas tank. But also do it kindly. Gently. Do it, but never overdo it. Find the balance. If I could do it, the most uninterested, business failing, idiotic person on Earth, so could you.

I have no doubt!

Article first published on Medium.

Gabriel Iosa



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