I Earned Top Rated Status On Upwork

I earned Top Rated status on Upwork. I’ll be honest with you: I’ve never been looking for titles or prizes or diplomas ever in my life. I find them useless for the most part. Yes, I wouldn’t trust a brain surgeon without a diploma, but I’d be fine with a lawyer, a banking specialist, translator, or even a pilot if I know he or she is amazing at what they do.

Yesterday though, I earned Top Rated status on Upwork. If you guys are new around here, I’m a full-time freelancer focusing on content creation. A year ago, I started freelancing the serious way, and the first step was signing up for an Upwork account.

Upwork changed my life

Upwork might have its flaws, and it does, but in all honesty, if it weren’t for Upwork, I’d probably be working at a thrift shop right now. Or worse, as a lawyer, as I have a degree in that field for some reason! Too much “Suits” hurts people.

This year on Upwork has been incredible. I got to meet clients from all over the world, work with them on their awesome projects and yes, become financially independent for the first time in my life. It was great and it helped me grow my own personal business on the side, to an extent that it’s now working on its own, all thanks to Upwork.

Earning the Top Rated badge on this platform is huge for me. The year has been great, yet because of one single bad review that I got, amongst 30 or so, my Job Success Score stayed below 90% for months on end. I finally got it to stay above the line for 13 weeks and voila, Top Rated status.

I am happy with this badge the same way I was happy in 3rd grade when I was chosen the best writer of the class. The badge means nothing to the outside world, but it means the world to me. It motivates me to do better, find great clients in the year ahead and give it all I got to improve and write better.

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