300 Days Of Non-Stop Writing


I feel like I deserve a medal. Or at least a parade.

Wow, it’s been 300 days since I started this challenge.

I remember it as if it was yesterday. I was sitting around the laptop and wondering what would be a great challenge to take on in 2018. With a few days remaining before the new year, the options were limited. It had to have something to do with writing, so something related to blogging.

Then I remembered I had this Medium account and since I was starting to get a hang of freelancing, after almost a year of nothing but failures, I decided that I wanted to write for a year. I wasn’t going to be interested in facts or figures, I wasn’t going to go for the money or fame.

I would just write every single day for 365 days

A few days in, the struggle was real. I was sure I wasn’t going to make it past day 10. It was so hard to sit down and write when everybody else was visiting relatives, drinking hot cocoa and still enjoying the holiday spirits.

But then, day 10 went by like a flash.

Afterwards, I was sure as hell I would never make it past day 100. I had a lot of writer’s block, a lot of empty days with no ideas on what to write next. I stopped believing I was good at anything that was writing related, so I just struggled with it and pushed through it.

But then, day 100 went by.

It is now day 300 of this writing challenge. I can honestly say, I am proud of myself. I have never ever said this about my own person. Ever. I am not even proud of how I managed to get work, substantial, paying work this whole year. That’s… great, yeah, ok. But writing on this blog for 300 days straight?

That’s the real accomplishment! That’s the true challenge that somehow “the man”, Gabriel Iosa, managed to take so far, it’s simply a no-brainer to get it done.

Writing for 300 days!

I wrote on this blog for 300 days straight now. Weekdays, weekend days, holidays, birthdays, lack of motivation Mondays, endless Saturdays, car got broken Thursdays (oh, the horror!) I wrote one piece on each and every single one of these days.

It’s nothing but a blast to be able to say “I wrote for 300 days straight and I’m going for the whole year” because it’s so motivating. It’s more motivating than money, an award or a statue. It simply shows I can do whatever the heck I put this crazy mind of mine to do. All I have to do is trust my guts and follow my instincts and, 300 days later, I’m 65 days away from the finish line of the longest, most treacherous, yet most rewarding challenge of my life.

I deserve a parade. I should get a parade, right?

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