Why My Mornings Are The Best

I’ve never been a morning person. I dreaded waking up for school. The first minutes were hell. The breakfast was tasting like rubbish, regardless of what cereal was in the bowl. The commute was awful, feeling as if it would never end. And the first few classes were always the hardest.

I promised myself I would never like mornings.

Yet here I am, a few years later, starting to enjoy the first hours of the day more and more. I’m a freelancer, which means I can wake up at any hour of the day that I like. Instead of waking up at 11 and starting the day as a crazy Buffon would, I prefer waking up at 7 or 8.

I start my mornings with a quick shower. I then open the fridge and see what’s around. Cooking breakfast and making a fresh cup of cappuccino is essential to my morning routine. I usually have eggs over easy or scrambled with some rye bread and tuna, for example.

I also do overnight oatmeal, which is a treat for me as I like to put in a lot of cherries jam, peanut butter and a handful of coconut flakes. Literally a handful. When I have oatmeals ready, mornings are even better. Not that cooking some eggs get me stressed somehow.

I then start working at around 9 and a bit. By 12, I’m usually done with most of my work. I leave some work for the afternoon. Usually, I can take a one-hour break at lunch, but if I play my cards right and do more work and less social media browsing, it’s a two-hour break.

Mornings are great because they get me started on the right path. If I have a great morning, a delicious breakfast and a nice overall experience, I can do so much more work and feel so much better because of it. It’s just about the way you start your day, the way your day is going to be like.

Hating mornings is like hating the start of any project that you care about. Look at your days like being small projects you have to do your best to excel at. Mornings are the start of these projects, so it’s in your interest to do amazing at them. And, let’s face it, it’s not even that hard!

Gabriel Iosa



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