The Truth About Making Money Online

making money online

Making money online is not easy but possible. I’m the living, breathing proof of that. I was just like you today a few years back, searching online for the best way to make money on the web, only to find yet another article about it that would lead me to nowhere. Struggling to figure the secret out, I just started writing about stuff and… well, the secret was right there, in the writing itself!

Making money online

Today, the freelancing market is huge, a little slow, but extremely offering. It’s easy to find some jobs that will make you some rent money but the truth is, finding those clients who are going to stick with you for longer than a month, that’s the challenge with making cash from home today. It’s hard, intense, sometimes overwhelming. But not impossible. Again, I’m the living proof.

How to make money online in 3 easy steps

There are many ways in which you can make some money online today. I’m here to tell you about how you can make a steady, generous, potent income from the web with nothing more than a laptop and some good time management skills. All it takes is finding the passion that you can monetize, looking for the right clients and, once found, holding on to them indefinitely.

Step 1: Turn your passion into an income source

The first step towards making money online is to turn what you’re really good at into an income source. Almost everything that people do can be turned into money. Do you know how to draw things? You can be a graphic designer. Do you know how to describe stuff with great words? You can be a fictional content creator. Are you good with numbers? You can be a bookkeeper.

making money online

Truth be told, you can’t just write articles and expect people to read them, let alone pay for you to write some for them. You have to be the best that you can be at it. Before asking money for your skills, grow them towards perfection. Be better than 95% of people at what you do, than all who are still doing it as a hobby. Then you can ask people to pay for your passion. And they will!

Step 2: Find high-quality clients

Once your skills have been upgraded to the maximum they can reach, you can start searching for your long-term, great paying and reliable clients. Yet you cannot do this before going through the struggle of developing a portfolio. Regardless of the domain that you’re in, no important client will ever check you out if you’re without at least 5 to 10 portfolio items to share with them.

I’ve been struggling with creating a good portfolio (I still need to work on my Portfolio page but nowadays, just sending new clients the link to this blog is most of the time enough) for two years before finding my first big client. Once you find your first whale, it all starts to settle. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Go through the process without skipping steps, and you’ll make it.

Step 3: Keep those whales close

Ok, so here’s the moneymaker: after you’ve found the clients of your dreams, the most important thing for your well being and wealth is to keep those people close to you for as long as possible. How do you do that? It’s a combination of three things: great work, amazing customer service and round-the-clock availability. Combine these three and you’ll have whale clients with you for years.

making money online

Great work is self-explanatory. If you’re good at what you do, you’ll only turn better the more you do it. Customer service means you put the client and his needs on top of all things. If you have them with you for the long run, you need to provide the level of support they’d expect from any member of their team. As for the availability, if it’s Sunday night and the client is messaging you, it only takes 3 minutes to respond but it adds tons of appreciation and proof of dedication in the eyes of your client.

Making money online during a pandemic

The great thing about making money online is that, even during a pandemic event, the online part stays the same. Yes, some industries will be damaged and won’t need your services, but in the meantime, others will do as they’ll rethink their businesses to merge with the internet spectrum. So if you can work and aren’t medically incapacitated, you’ll get tons of jobs.

Over the past 6 months, my work intake has gone up 39% compared to the same period of 2019 and 68% compared to 2018. Yes, I do keep track. I know exactly how much I’ve worked in 2018 by the minute, how much money I’ve made in the second week of July in 2019 and what I’ve spent that money on. Every single cent of it. Why? I’ll leave the details on that for a future article.

Coming back at the issue at hand, making money online during a pandemic shouldn’t be harder. If it is, you’re doing something wrong. It should be relatively easier, or at least at the same level of effort as it was before the crisis. Everything and everyone is online now, so it’s only natural to find clients and jobs on the web. Take the time you need to adjust and benefit from it all.

Saving money should also be easier, as there’s nowhere to go. God, I miss travel so much…

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