The 3 Rules Of Life Nobody Ever Told You About

People live an unfulfilling life because they miss or ignore the rules of life. I’m a seeker, which means, I don’t know anything for certain if it’s not a certain rule. This means I don’t know if this or that is true, if that god is real or not, or if that works for me or against me. Unless I’m certain about it, it’s nothing that will impact my life on a daily basis because it’s not a rule.

Something becomes a rule when you can be 100% certain it applies to you and the people around you every single moment of every single day of life. When it comes to life itself, it’s extremely hard to define a rule about it that’s generally applicable and totally true for all. There are three rules in this life of ours that, if known and applied daily, will enhance it completely.

Rule of Life #1: You are responsible for your life

Being responsible is not about thinking you’re the one to blame for everything. You are responsible for everything that is happening in your life. How is that possible? Responsibility means you are able to respond to whatever happens into your life consciously. Not react to whatever the heck is happening to you like a wild animal. To respond, not react, is the trick.

Responsibility is not something that enslaves you. Being able to choose to either respond to something or not is the best way towards freedom and a great life. It doesn’t mean you should respond to everything, to take charge of all. It means you are able to respond to whatever the situation in a conscious, normal, calculated manner. You are responsible for being aware.

Rule of Life #2: Every single moment is inevitable

Think about this moment right now. Now the moment before it, and not the moment that will come. RIGHT NOW, are you able to avoid this moment right now? No. Can you be doing anything else but read this word right now? No. You can turn the computer off in a moment, but right now, you cannot avoid reading this sentence. It’s inevitable, this moment right now.

Life is an infinite series of inevitable moments. The most important thing in life to understand is, regardless of what is happening to you at any moment, that moment alone is inevitable. Every good or bad thing that has ever happened to you happened in a certain, unique, inevitable moment. Get this, that life is a series of inevitable moments. Accept every moment as it comes.

Rule of Life #3: Being joyful is 100% your making

We are some of the most intelligent and powerful human beings that have ever lived on Earth. We have money, food, drinks, drugs, cars, houses, you name it. We have relationships, we satisfy every need that we have, we are at the peak of our lives. Yet, we are some of the most miserable species that are living on the planet. Depressed, anxious, angry, scared, miserable.

Why? Simply because we don’t get the simple fact that joy is of personal making. It’s not coming from anywhere else. It is a state, not a possession, or an earning. You can’t find it anywhere. Being happy is 100% your making. When you get that you are not the centre of the Universe, you’re just a speck, a blink on this planet, being joyful for everything becomes a daily habit.

Gabriel Iosa



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