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Is This The End?!

For the first time in my life, I’m done with this s*it. I feel like I want to break up with… it? I almost slipped and broke my back in the shower this morning. And when I got out, I was like, “I need to write!” My job implies...

24 Free Tools That I Use For My Freelance Writing Business

Free tools are crucial for any freelance writing business. Just because they’re free doesn’t mean they’re not good. On the contrary! Freelance writing is usually an almost cost-free business. You need a great laptop, a solid internet connection, and...

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How To Make $2543 A Month As A Freelance Writer

Hi! My name is Gabriel and I’m a freelance writer. Over the past 10 years, my only source of income was my writing. What was just a hobby once turned into a profession before I became aware of it. For the past decade, I did nothing but write...

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5 Things I Gave Up On To Grow My Freelance Writing Business

Growing my small little personal business of freelance writing wasn’t easy, as I’ve had to give up on a few things to make it work. Not just simple things like my last job, no. I’m talking about the real sacrifices you have to make in order for a...

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