How To Stop Eating Bad Food Forever

Bad food is whatever makes your body feel sick, even if it shows instantly or takes years for the negative effects to disturb your peaceful life. Eat a hamburger and wait for a few minutes to an hour. There’s absolutely no way you’ll not feel bloated, even if you have the best metabolic rate on the planet. Eat a hamburger a day and you’ll wake up extremely sick one morning with not much to do about it. It’s natural for you to feel that way because the food that you’ve just had is not good for your stomach and the rest of your body.

It might be better if you were to eat the foods that constitute the burger separately. But the simple action of putting the bread, sauces, vegetables, cheese, bacon and meat together under the same roof, or bun, is what makes it bad for you. It is delicious, but that aspect of food has more to do with the mind than the stomach. Which means bad food is also a mental thing you have to regulate in order to feel great, not just good for a short time.

Physical Bad Food

There are two categories of bad foods you can ingest. The first and most popular is the physical food, the food you eat with your mouth. This again splits into two categories. The two categories of bad food that you have to give up on are foods that contain either sugar or flour. That’s it, it’s that simple. You don’t need to read ten books about diets and calories and everything else. All you have to do is to cut out those foods that have added sugars or are made out of flour.

Sugary foods include sodas and drinks, cakes, doughnuts, syrups, pastries, the list goes on forever. Moreover, there are many foods that you’d never think about being sugary but that do in fact contain a ton of sugar. Pizza, McDonald’s, all fast food, especially Chinese, all of the things that you “love” are loaded with sugar. Which is extremely bad for you because it makes you not only fat but sick in the worst way possible. Think diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Flour is a little less bad than sugar, but if you want to cut out bad food from your life, cutting out floury foods will come naturally as flour is always combined with sugar. Think pastries and doughnuts, for example, all loaded with the magic white powders. The problem with sugar is its addictiveness. This is why just skipping on a doughnut once in a while won’t work. You have to either give up on sugar altogether or struggle endlessly.

You know you’ve given up on sugar when, seeing a delicious piece of cheesecake, your brain is not firing up urging you to grab it and shove it in your mouth. And even if you do so, it changes nothing and you can go on without having a second piece for months and months.

Mental Bad Food

The second and most important category of bad foods you consume is having to do with your brain. I call it “mental food”. These are the thoughts and emotions you think and feel because of the stimuli you’re allowing yourself to “consume” on a daily basis from the exterior. Think social media, TV, going to work, shopping, running and so on. The better the things you think and feel, the easier it becomes for you to live a fruitful life and do those changes that are so necessary.

Like giving up on sugars and floury foods, for example.

You’re stressed out, you have a problem that can’t be fixed, you have that thought that’s there with you for months and months, rumbling in your head endlessly. It’s because you’ve eaten bad mental food for a long period of time. It’s just like with the stomach, if you feed it bad food, you’ll go to the potty endlessly and be in a lot of pain. If you feed it good food, you will never have another stomach ache again.

No More Mental Bad Food

So how do you stop those thoughts and urges that deprive you of achieving your goals? Well, let’s put it this way: what do you do first when you have diarrhea? What is the first thing you do before taking some pills? You stop eating the bad food that caused the diarrhea. That’s the first thing you have to do with your mental food as well. Simply cut back on the bad company, social media time, messed up movies or videos. Kill arguments that lead to nowhere, relationships that are doing more harm than good and so on.

Stop eating the mental bad food, stop identifying with your bad thoughts and start retaking control of your life. The physical food change will simply happen if you do so, as your body and brain have a great natural way of telling you what you should really eat when they’re at peace.

I’d wish you good luck, but this has nothing to do with luck. It has to do with your willingness to try it on your own. So please, try this method of cutting out bad foods from your life. Consume a balanced physical and mental diet and you’ll be shocked by the results in just a week time. Try it for a week and let me know how much it changed your life.

Gabriel Iosa



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