Something Weird Happened To Me In Valencia

I’m a very down-to-earth person.

Some might say I’m too grounded!

I kind of hate it when I can’t explain things.

And when I can’t, I just leave them alone, mostly.

Yet what happened to me in a cathedral in Valencia is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.

Do notice that:

I’m not a religious person. The last time I’ve been to church was for my baptism, and that was imposed…

I’m not an anxious person, especially when I travel. I do get the butterflies when flying but I’m 130 flights in and I was okay so far so my mind won’t stop me. I am maturely addressing every situation, whether huge crowds, cancelled flights, or losing my wallet.

I’ve never been superstitious, reading into the horoscope, or into magic more than the tricks I’ve been practising since I was 10. Which are tricks, nothing more.

In Valencia, there’s this cathedral that from the outside, apart from the imposing entrance, is nothing spectacular to the naked eye. It’s pretty, and I do visit churches when I’m away as I love art but, that’s that. Inside this cathedral, in a small chapel, is supposedly one of Christianity’s most sacred relics.

The Holly Grail.

Churchgoers and the administrative side of the cathedral claim, citing scientific proof (hah, that’s something, huh?!) that the little cup you see in the picture is the cup Jesus Christ used to drink wine during The Last Supper.

Again, I’m the furthest person from being religious. I don’t go to church, don’t practice it, and I do say things like “God bless” or “God forbid” but those are more like pre-packaged phrases you are endorsed with when you’re younger, in religious-centric Romania.

This is actually what makes my experience so much more… weird.

The moment I stepped into the chapel, my legs started… floating, so to speak, I got a nudge in my throat and I began to cry. Tears started flowing down my cheeks. I wasn’t sobbing, in fact, nobody saw it as it was just a tear or so. I am not kidding, and again, it was no panic attack (I know how that one looks, been studying it for years) no nothing. The chapel was mostly empty and I don’t have an issue with small spaces, at all.

It just sort of… happened!

It sounds like a bad hookup story but it’s the truth.

I have no explanation for this event. I am almost certain that the ”Holly Grail” wasn’t even the real one, as I’m quite sure they’d keep a replica on display for the hoards of tourists entering the church every day. And only get the ”real” one out on special occasions.

Yet I felt like I was about to float, a warm, fuzzy feeling in my body and tears running down my cheeks at the sight of the… artefact? Let’s call it that. But still, that was one of the weirdest moments from all of my travels.

Again, I was not under the influence, no beer, no drugs, no previous mental (well apart from the regular ones, haha!) or relationship issues, nothing that could’ve predetermined the reaction and then made it happen in the presence of what is supposedly a very important religious object.


So… why? What happened there? What caused my eyes to water and my body to float?

I have no idea why.

It just did.

Does that make me more religious? No.

But it does make me more curious.

Not just about religion but about spirituality in general. About the other, more profound side of life. The mind, the body, and the connection between the two.

As in the Mind, so in the Body.

As in Heaven, So on Earth.

Read between the lines and… interesting things emerge!

Yeah, I’m running a fever thanks to some bad supermarket sushi so, this is why I’m so philosophical. I’ll be fine.

God bless!

Gabriel Iosa



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