How To Save Three Hours Of Time At Work With A 15-Minute Trick

How to save time, any amount of time, let alone 3 hours of your time with a simple 15-minute trick is the best discovery of 2019. To be honest, it was my grandma who has taught me this trick. Saving time is as important as saving dollars, but people ignore this almost entirely.

She’s almost 70 and has nothing to do with content creation. Grandma has never written an article in her life. Maybe a few recipes, yes, but nothing you can find online. Yet she told me how to do things easier the next day, by doing something simple the night before.

How to save time? Preparation

Yes, I know, it’s simple. How to save time is a good question, yet the answer is mundane. The best things in life, be it personal or professional, are simple. Preparing my next day from the night before has ended up in me saving up to three hours of work the next day. That is almost reducing my working time by half. I can’t think of a better way of explaining this to you, so I’ll just describe my work day from yesterday.

I had to write 5.000 words as a grand total. The thing is, almost a quarter of these 5.000 words are nothing more than SEO stuff, keywords, meta descriptions and titles of any sorts. Doing these things on the spot, on the same day you have to write the content for them as well, is extremely time-consuming as it simply strips away a lot of my time.

Instead of forging my way through these SEO titles and whatnot, I simply decided to do them the night before. In 15 minutes or so, I’d write the titles for my articles. I’d do the SEO and keywords, meta descriptions and so on. For five articles or so, that’s literally about 15 minutes of work. By doing them in bulk, thinking on them on the spot, they’re much more practical.

The Benefits of Preparation

If I were to do the tasks the day in which I’d write the content, I’d be screwed. I’d need time to think and to come up with the keywords and SEO titles and so on. By doing this the day before, I managed to write the 4.000 or so words that remained in about 3 hours. This is just pure content, written back to back. Which means there’s no interruption in between. Just writing away.

Besides the time benefit, applying preparation to your next day comes with other benefits, such as ease of mind. When you know you’re already started on your next day, you go to bed much calmer. You sleep better. You have a tastier dinner and a better Netflix session. It just makes things easier, which makes your mind more relaxed.

The next time you’re thinking about how to save time in your working schedule, do this. Squeeze in a little 15-minute session of preparation at the end of your day. You’ll see the benefits of it the minute you finish. Not just then, but all the way to the end of your next day at the office. Remember, always use words that inspire to greatness.

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