Why A New Laptop Reduced My Stress Level By 90% Instantly

A new laptop can have a healthy benefit on you like nothing else. I know this because I am typing this on my brand new HP laptop. And what a laptop this is! Intel Core i5 processor (8th Generation) with 16GB of RAM memory, two hard drives, one SSD and one normal with 1256 total space, two graphics cards, the ultimate audio and video stuff, and so on. If it were for the laptop to come with a deep fryer, it would’ve been the ultimate gadget.

Besides it being able to work with every single program that I need to use on my daily routine flawlessly, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Canva, Google Docs, and also run GTA V on the highest possible settings, the laptop is simply stunning when compared to my old machine.

The reason why this laptop change has reduced my stress levels almost completely is that it simply works. The old laptop, besides looking like it was left at Chernobyl on the night of the nuclear disaster, was becoming as slow as a lazy snail. I would’ve had to sometimes wait up to 30 minutes in order for it to boot up. This new one loads Windows in 10 seconds.

The “no stress” laptop

On Friday, working on the old laptop in the morning, I could feel the stress building more and more. With each missed command that was failing to load, my nerves were getting higher and higher. With every document that was taking hours to load, I was getting more and more uneasy. Every single time I’d give the laptop the click to do something, everything would get just a little bit more stressful.

This morning, I felt nothing.

I felt the absence of laptop-induced stress in a way that I’ve never been able to this entire year. The state of my old laptop looking the way it does is no breaking news. It looks like this since January! I couldn’t change it until now not because of financial reasons, but because it kept on working and I focused on travel rather than buying new equipment.

Having this new laptop here is the best thing that has happened to me this year from a job’s point of view. I have 5 more trips this year for fun alone, and because my laptop doesn’t look like a homemade bomb anymore, I can actually take it with me and work while waiting in airports or train stations. This was something that was on my bucket list for the year, and now it’s here.


If your laptop is causing you distress, bad dreams or turns off without notice, if your laptop smells like it’s about to blow up and actually looks like an artisanal bomb, if your laptop is the no.1 source of your stress and work demotivation, it is time for you to cut on your expenses, stop with the dining out for a while and grab a new one. Trust me, it is worth it!

Gabriel Iosa



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