The Importance of Learning Acceptance In One’s Life

learning acceptance

The importance of learning acceptance in one’s life tops wealth, fame, success, anything. People always say they are setting themselves up for success. This is simply wrong because the correct way of doing success, in any shape or form, is by learning acceptance. The power of acceptance is huge in one’s life. Acceptance prepares you for both success and failure. Setting yourself up for success is leaving you open for the brutal and unhealthy risks that failure brings once you see it happening in your life.

Accepting that success is just that, as well as failure is just failure is far better than celebrating success. Anyone can laugh and drink champagne when they are successful. But what do people do when success fails them? When their businesses fail? When their health fails them? When their lives fail? They fail because they are not accepting failure.

Look around. How many “success stories” do you see walking around you? How many businesses that run smoothly? How many houses that look like the ones you see on television? How many cars that are nothing but aerodynamic curves and LED lights? How many happy people do you see?

Success and failure are equal

The truth is, success comes at a much lower rate to people than failure. The latter is much more common. But that is not even the problem. Failure is natural. Failure happens on a daily basis, for millions upon millions of people everywhere. The problem is, people don’t know how to set themselves up for failure. A few do, but most of them don’t. And when failure comes, they are left without a response because they never learned what to do in a situation like this.

Start with a simple thought.

Every single one of us gets that nagging, unpleasant thought from time to time. And just like an achy tooth, instead of accepting the thought and letting it go, we immediately categorise it as negative and poke at it for days, weeks, months and so on. Start simple. Start small. Start with a simple thought. Accept the thought, no matter how “negative”, or “dark”, or “unpleasant” you might think it is. Accept it completely. Judgement is not present. This is your thought. It is neither good nor bad.

Learning acceptance

Acceptance can change your life. This happens only when you apply it in your life. Reading about it on a post like this one is not good enough. Start small, then work your way up towards a greater sense of acceptance. Accept life as it is, not as you are telling yourself it is or it should be. Those are just thoughts, which have no power if you accept them and let them go.

As soon as you realise that, you’ll see every failure of your life as a normal thing, a simple event that has come, manifested itself and is now over. Tomorrow you might celebrate success or stress over a failure. Don’t. Simply accept whatever the case might be, without judgement.

Acceptance breaks the cycle of repetitive thoughts. It sets the mind free. And with a free mind, no matter how great the failure, you’ll always be able to regroup and get back on your task in minutes. Refuse to accept failure, and you’ll soon enough get stuck with a compulsive mind that will never see failure for what it is. And make you miserable for weeks, months, even years.

Thank you for accepting to read such a long post. See? You are on the right path already!

Gabriel Iosa



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