I Stayed In A 600-Year-Old Tuscan Villa In Florence

I slept in over 100 beds in my life.

I know how that sounds but no, I’m not a male escort.

I just don’t have the calling for it, you know? Or the height.

I’m a traveller, and when you travel, changing beds becomes second nature. It’s like changing your underwear every morning after you take a shower. 

Beds come in all shapes or sizes but the one at Villa Agape, a former Tuscan villa turned luxury hotel, tops them all up. It’s just perfect. The pillows, I wanted to steal one, they were so good. Offering optimal head positioning for uninterrupted sleep throughout the night. Along with the mattress and the covers, I’ve had the best sleep of my life in this place.

The back of the hotel

Speaking of Tuscan villas, this is my third time coming to this hotel in the Florentine Hills. Since I’ve had many unique hotel experiences in the past, I decided to tell you all about this one in this article.


”Grazie per aver chiamata Art Hotel Villa Agape!”

This is what you’d hear when you call the limo service of the hotel.

Yes, the hotel has a “limo” service. Which comes as a van but it’s understandable as the place is intended for families and couples.

The complimentary shuttle

They offer a free shuttle service between the city and the hotel because the location is not ideal. This is a Tuscan hillside villa, which means it’s on the hills outside of Florence. This means you need about 30 minutes by foot to get into town. But also means you get to see this from pretty much everywhere on the property.


I’m not going to bother you with a history lesson but I do have a link if you have a history fetish and are feeling lonely tonight. Here’s the history of the place at this link.

One thing to point out is, the villa was being erected at the same time as the famous duomo of Florence. It’s crazy to think the people who worked at the property have had a hilltop view of Brunelleschi constructing the largest dome on the planet, still. 

Main entrance

Second, this place is supposedly haunted. I’m not sure about that but some people told me it is. I slept so well, no ghosts could ever bother me.


This hotel is luxurious. 

A villa with a sliding glass door. A terrace, a top restaurant, incredible breakfast included in the price, a bar, a reading room, another terrace and the largest, most surreal Tuscan garden you’ll ever see.

Reading room

It’s like a painting but alive.

There’s a tablet in the room and it lets you do whatever you want.

You can spend a week in bed, having food delivered and watching the spectacular grounds out the window. 

My Room

I got the double room and it was spectacular, as it were on both of my previous visits.

It somewhat faced the garden but not entirely. Yet this was easily repairable as the terrace was mostly empty so I could sit there at any time.


Best bed I’ve ever had

Coming back to the room, the bed… IS SURREAL.

I had the best sleep of my life in that bed, period.

I even liked the old-style Italian blinds, double trouble coming from inside and outside. Once closed, no light will ever disturb you at 7:10 AM.

That’s important for a light sleeper like I am.

The bathroom has a bidet, whatever that is, and comes with amenities and Versace towels. The rainshower is life-changingly pleasant.

The Food

I had but two dinners at the restaurant of the villa, as well as all breakfasts.

The place is superb, with a huge room with a buffet which turns into a nice display of candles and whatnot come dinner time. 

Oh, they also serve lunch bites, such as salads, sandwiches and pizza but I skipped those as I was mostly in the city during lunchtime.

Cappuccino, mandatory after lunch


Breakfast at Villa Agape is delicious. Fresh eggs made as you want them, crispy bacon, roasted tomatoes that just burst in your mouth, gluten-full pastries (I’d get a room JUST for the pistachio cornetto, if not for anything else!) fruits, cuts, cheeses, fresh juices, homemade honey and honeycomb (that’s just on another level) and much more.

Homemade pasta with crispy guanciale bacon and roasted tomatoes

Dinner for me was usually pasta (that crispy guanciale was… YEAH!) and some dessert. Tiramisu was out of the ordinary but the one that stayed with me was the salted caramel cheesecake. Tuscan villa with a modern twist!

Good God…


Room service

Just… shut the fuck up and take my money!

The Staff

Apart from the location and the beauty of Tuscany, which is unmatched, the hotel is made by the staff. I don’t remember ever staying somewhere where everyone in the staff, from the cleaners to the reception guys and girls, the servers, drivers, and even the groundkeepers were simply… they were happy to be there. 

Which means they are paid well.

Which in return is shown in the level of service they provide for all guests.

Regardless if you go there in a hoodie or in Gucci attire.

19/10 for the people working there.

They are worth the price.


I paid 410 euros for the room, four nights with breakfast included.

My two dinners came to 120 euros with tips included.

I had one room service order of some sweets and wine, as well as two cappuccinos for my reading time coming at 34 euros.

This is not my usual stay. 

I’m going to Madrid and Valencia next month and my average room rate for both of my stays comes at 52 euros per night. 

So no, I’m not used to this.

This stay at Villa Agape was a treat. 

One for the soul, mind, stomach and everything else.

Especially for the eyes. It’s a Tuscan villa for a reason…


It was the break that I needed, and the stay that I want to pamper in yearly from now on.

I’m older, and although I love hopping from city to city and staying in cheap hotels so that I can afford food later, all it takes to redeem your soul and recalibrate your chakras (or whatever they have in Italy) is a few days in a place like this.


I’ve been to Florence three times by now. Saw everything. So there’s not much I can add about this place especially since I’ve spent this trip mostly eating and sleeping at the Tuscan villa. Yet, down below are some photos from this trip with things I’ve seen or eaten around the city.

Duomo di Firenze


World’s best sandwich, no wonder they call it “Paradiso”
Palazzo Vecchio


Lampredotto panini. Google it. Delicious!
Gabriel Iosa



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