How To Change Your Life In 3 Months

Most of my life, I’ve done nothing to change it. I took it as it came. If an urge to eat a bag of chips would rise in my head, I would simply go to the store, buy a bag and then eat it. By the time I was home, I was hungry again and ate some more. And I was always lazy. I was so lazy at times, even thinking about going out or playing football with friends would be unbearable.

Nowadays, I’m a productive human being whose free time is spent wisely. I love to do normal things as well as things that people who are living like I was a few years back do on a daily basis. The foundations of how I’ve changed my life can be summarised in 7 daily chores or tasks that I’ve engaged in for about 3 months. After this trial period, they’ve become habits.

Those three months were not easy after a lifetime of bad decisions, laziness, complete lack of productivity or any self-worth. Now, I can see where I’ve done things the wrong way and constantly remind myself no to do them again. When it comes to changing your life for the better, these 7 things will do the trick if you do them on a daily basis for at least 90 days. 

  1. Do something you don’t like

For the most part, to change your life means doing things you’re afraid off. And doing these things daily, without so much thinking about them. When I started out, I was doing a thing I wasn’t enjoying every day. This way, I got comfortable with the uncomfortable. With the mind screaming “STOP!”, “Don’t do that!!”, “I HATE YOU!!!”. Daily struggles become habits like this.

There are tons of things you might not like that you can do over the next 90 days. Start by waking up earlier, getting out of bed faster, putting the phone away for the first hour of the day. Make the bed, cook breakfast for your roommate or spouse. Cut the grass, blow the leaves, walk the dogs. Whatever it might be, do it without thinking so much. Do it.

  1. Stop eating sugar and flour

My life wasn’t going in the right direction when it came to health. I was overweight most of my teenage years. I was a fan of chips, cake, Oreo cookies and wafers. I loved wafers! I loved them, and the past tense is appropriate here because, after cutting sugar from my diet completely, I can safely say sweets are not something I love anymore. I can do without.

Sugar is the worst thing you can put in your mouth. I’m talking refined sugars, those sugars that are found in much of the products you buy that are in a nice, colourful package at the store. Floury products have the same negative impact on you, which is why I’ve decided to cut them as well from my diet. Stop eating sugar and flour for 3 months. Plenty more food out there.

  1. Run daily

The best habit I have ever taken for myself and my better life was daily running. Every day, at least when I’m at home and feeling well, I put on my shoes, turn on the treadmill and run for 30 minutes or so. Running is not hard when you do it. It’s hard two minutes before you go. After a while though, running became yet another habit and it simply happens. It makes me feel great.

  1. Save money

I started making money of my own a few years ago. I’ve had other jobs until then but it was when I started becoming my own boss when I really started to learn the value of money. I first earned and spent money. Trips, laptops, dinners and expensive clothes. A year ago, I started putting away one dollar per day. One single dollar. In three months, I was $90 richer. 

I simply started putting away more and more money as time went by. The more money I’ve made, the more I’ve put away. And it shows now, a year or so later when I’m ready to start another enterprise that’s going to be 100% funded by myself. It’s not easy putting money away with so many things you can buy. Just make it a habit and it will take care of itself.

  1. Learn how to breathe

Because it happens automatically, breathing is the least of our concerns. But if you don’t pay attention to breathing, you can be in for some really nasty stuff. Why? Because breathing controls the way the body and mind work. Breathe faster and faster and you’ll be faced with a panic outbreak. Breathe slower and everything goes back to normal in about three seconds.

I decided that I needed to learn how to breathe. I then looked everywhere for advice, Youtube, books, gurus and so on. The truth is, you will still breathe on your own but the trick is to notice the breath now and then. Keeping track of it. Making sure it stays within normal parameters. Once it goes a note higher than usual, bring it down. Learn how to breathe to stay calm.

  1. Fast from social media

Once a week, let your phone away. For example, do it on Sundays when most people are off. In the morning, instead of doing Instagram on the potty, try and read some National Geographic. At lunch, leave the emails alone and focus on the food in front of you. Fast from social media once a week entirely and for as many times as you can during your everyday activities.

  1. Watch one comedy movie every day

I remember this one from my Psychology class on CBT. Anxiety is often triggered when we forget to smile and let go of some things that are nagging us. When this happens, therapists have to find ways in which to “contract” the “smile muscles” in the brains of patients. One great way to do this is to watch a comedy show or movie every single day.

Simply set up a time frame, usually after dinner, sit down and have fun. Laugh. Even if you don’t want to, just sit through the whole movie and laugh at it. Even laughing is a skill you can acquire with practice. And it also is something you might not be in the mood for, just like running or eating well. But just do it. Hit the play button, leave everything aside and laugh.

Get good at practising the things that are truly important. Stay consistent with them for 90 days. Change your life.

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