How To Always Be Stoned Without Touching Any Drugs


Before learning the secret of how to be stoned forever without drugs, answer me this: What is the source of your misery right now? Think about it. What is the motive why you are unhappy right now? Is it money? No, of course not. Do you have food to eat today? You probably do. If you don’t, fortunately, you have a developed mind that will allow you to somehow pay for your lunch. You can work for someone, for example, and find the food that you need.

Misery is always self-inflicted

Is it relationships? No. Your relationships are as good as you make them. If you’re determined to do good in a relationship, your partner will follow. If you are letting them go, day by day you will see they will also pull away naturally. Which means, you can’t be unhappy because it is most likely an outcome that you both were looking for even unknowingly.

Whatever the cause of your suffering might be right at this moment, if you look close enough, you’ll find it has something to do with judgement. Either you are judging yourself as harsh as you know how, or the people around you are judging you and you take their words as they are, enveloping your mind around them.

If you are on a diet and eat a cheeseburger, you will judge yourself for days and become depressed and angry. If people say you are not good at what you do, at dating, at driving, travelling, whatever it is, you take their judgements for good and live by them. Once you do that, it’s very hard to let go because you become what you think about yourself. Which is actually what the others think about yourself. It’s life’s most infectious vicious cycle.

Get stoned on life

The only way to get stoned on life, not on substances, is to never give up on judgements. Regardless if they’re yours or coming from the outside. Simply ignore any sort of judgement you or the people around you make about what you are. Who you are is your business. Your happiness is your own business. What you are, as in your body, your mind, even your career, family, those things are time-sensitive. They never last. Which means giving them too much credit, to begin with, will logically end up in despair and disappointment.

Never give people the chance or privilege, to be more direct, of making you feel the way you feel. Nobody should have this privilege on you, regardless of who that person might be. Even if it’s you, if you don’t let your mind’s judgements get to you, you will always live in a complete state of bliss. You will always be high, even though you never touch any drugs. Always being stoned while conscious should be the main goal of our lives.

Keeping a sane mind while being intoxicated with bliss is the best thing you can live. Drugs take away your clarity and mental capabilities. Simply by stopping to judge yourself or let yourself be impacted in any way by the judgement of others, you will live in a state of continuous blissfulness, because there’s no room left for sorrow.

All you have to do is choose, moment by moment, to live like this. It’s that easy. Try it for 24 hours. Be joyful on purpose for 24 hours. Whenever you begin to think about this or that, judge yourself or get judged by others, mentally choose to not be impacted by it. Stay joyful like that for a day. Then, do it again forever.

Gabriel Iosa



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