30 Small Habits That Will Make You Happier With Your Life

small habits

Small habits are often overlooked by most people. Because they’re small and we think we’re the middle of the Universe. So why does it matter if we sleep well, or eat healthily, do some sports or talk with our relatives regularly? We’re so important, small habits are not for us. Truth be told, it’s the small habits that we partake that make us who we are. We’re bonded to many of them.

Yet not all of them are good for us. In fact, most small habits that we developed over time are damaging us. Just look at the way you sit. Probably with your spine all cranked up, eyes way too close to the screen, mindlessly scrolling through this post and also doing a few other things. The trick here is, identify those small habits that are good for you, and work on them.

Enough with the chit-chat as there’s a lot of ground to be covered here. Take 30 small habits that are extremely important to us. They might seem obvious and boring but just look and ask yourself what have you done for each of them in the 30 days? Most likely, not that much. I’ll keep the small habits short, giving you time to work rather than read for hours on these.

Be kind

Not just to those less fortunate but also to those who are better than you. And also, be kind to yourself. If you’re kind to everybody else around you, why would you hurt yourself?

Eat well

Food is fuel for the body. Cut on fats, meats, bread. Add more fruits in the morning, vegetables all through the day, toasted nuts for snacks and fresh juices for hydration. No sugar.


Do at least 30 minutes of intensive exercise 5 days a week. Running is great, as well as cycling or power walking. Lift weights just for a general good tone. Don’t consume supplements.


Meditation is just sitting with your eyes closed, not doing anything, observing your thoughts and following your breath. It’s like praying but without asking any god for anything.

Be honest

A lie is often met with success but that success is limited to the extent of how much you can hold that lie alive. Once it dies, and it will eventually, success is over. Be honest.

small habits

Dream big

It’s important to have a perspective about where you want to go. And to keep it significantly larger than what you’d expect. Dreaming big is healthy as it pushes you to achieve things.

Be patient

Patience is the most important virtue you’ll ever learn. Knowing patience and being able to sit quietly in a room for an hour without distractions, that’s power over everything in your life.

Judge less

What’s the point in judging other people? Other than conflict? Judging less, either the people around you and yourself will turn you into an observer, an open person, rather than a douche.

Smile often

I’m not going to get into why you should smile every day. That’s for the experts to educate you on it. I just do it because it’s easier to choose to smile than to go through a cry.

Love yourself

If you can’t be okay with yourself, you’ll never be okay with the rest of the world. Loving yourself sounds so cliche but in reality, all it takes is a simple “I’m cool with myself” to start it out.

small habits

Forgive easily

When you give someone your food while you’re hungry, you don’t become weaker but stronger. The same with giving someone your forgiveness. It makes you so much more, so much better.

Show gratitude

Gratitude is when you’re thankful for something but not just about a really important event or success. It’s more powerful when you’re thankful for a meal, a drive, a breath of fresh air.

Think positively

Positive thinking is a choice. There’s nothing that’s happening outside that can make you think negatively if you don’t allow it. Positive thinking is just better, so why not do it?

Drink lots of water

Water is essential to all life. You can survive for up to a month without food. But just if you have water. Drinking at least 8 tall glasses a day improves focus, productivity and good moods.

Believe in yourself

There’s nobody else to believe in, really. You can believe in a god, a mantra, a prayer, whatever. Yet you have to believe in yourself for all of those to “work” for you in a way or another.

Keep an open-mind

It’s hard to even stay, let alone speak to a close-minded person. Keeping an open mind doesn’t mean believing everything that’s said to you. It means keeping yourself open to observing.

Put your needs first

While it might not sound so nice, putting your very needs first is a great way to make sure you’re up for doing the work you need to do for others. When you’re sorted, you can help around.

Don’t make excuses

Excuses are there to make you procrastinate. When you’re ready to “file” an excuse, just imagine how much it will delay your wanted outcome. Picture it. Usually, the excuse vanishes.

Speak well of others

You feel great when others talk about you using great words. When they don’t, you feel like the world is about to collapse around you. Words have great magical powers. Use them wisely.

Listen, so that you can hear

When you have nothing productive to say, it is best to listen. People love it when you’re listening to them. Letting them be, talking about their issues. You don’t even have to speak. Just listen.

Find reasons to be happy

Being sad is extremely easy. It takes little to no effort. Just a little thought and you’re there. Being happy is also easy but people often forget it. Look for reasons to be happy at all times.

Stay healthy

Health is the second most valuable human asset after time. Staying healthy should be your top priority in life, above all else. Eat well, do some exercise, sleep until you’re rested. 

Don’t brag

Why would you? Even telling someone you’re about to do this or that will put you up for comments, critics and discouragement. Keep it to yourself. Especially when you succeed.

Trust in yourself

It all starts with you, not with a friend, a relative, a teacher. You. If you cannot trust the path you’re on, change the path. If you can’t believe you can do it, nobody will change that for you.

Stay loyal

Loyalty is extremely hard to earn and very easy to lose. It takes a lifetime for someone to become loyal to another person. And just a second to turn into a failure. Stay loyal.

Don’t hold back

When you have something to say, say it. Never hold back your feelings or thoughts when you find something beautiful or attractive, especially. When things are bad, be kind but direct.

Everyone makes mistakes

Mistakes are how we grow. Learn to live with that idea. No one is perfect, but everyone is complete. Remember that, and you’ll have a better way to deal with your own mistakes.

Stop judging others

Very few people, if any, will ever think the way you do. It’s easy to judge others for their opinions. Not doing so shows respect and an open mind. Don’t judge them for thinking.

Don’t trust blindly 

There are people who put a mask on to not show their true selves. They’re easy to spot for the most part but some are great masters of disguise. Analyze their signals. See them for their truth.

Enjoy life

Enjoy and appreciate what you currently have. No matter what it is, how little or how much it is. Nurture what you have now, and dream about what you can do and might have in the future.

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