23 Ridiculous Activities For When You’re Super Bored

When you’re bored, there’s a ton of activities you can take on so that you can relieve yourself from the boredom. Some work, some don’t here are 23 that will mostly work. But then again, some won’t. I am so bored I don’t even care so, take this into account when reading through all of them. I hope you’ll at least have a laugh. 

  1. Complain about it

I don’t know about all of those other liars on the internet that do these kinds of lists, with 101 things to get you out of boredom, or how to get rid of lethargy with these 901 activities but, as far as I’m concerned, the first thing I do is complain. I’m not just talking about me stating that I’m bored, no. I post on Instagram, tell my mom, my dog, my cat, my grandma, neighbours, everyone! I AM BOOOOORED! I need people to know that I’m bored and they will. Trust me.

  1. Listen to crappy music

Is anyone listening to music anymore? Like, really listening to a whole new album that has just come out? Or is everyone mindlessly scrolling through Youtube Trends and wondering how the heck are those people in there? Crappy music is sometimes fun but, for most of it, it is not! 

  1. Replay “How I Met Your Mother” or “The Big Bang Theory” for the 401st time

I have to have some sort of a reward for “most times someone has replayed the entire HIMYM and TBBTh shows on a streaming platform” from Netflix. At least a plaque or a diploma for my support and continuous rewatching of these two shows. They’ve been with me through hell and back, supporting me every single time boredom hit. I’ve seen the entire HIMYM series 24 times.

  1. Call a friend

“Hei, you free tonight?”

“No man, I’m with the wife…”

“You got married?!”

“Dude you were my best man!”

“Oh… Well maybe tomorrow?”

  1. Read a book

So if I’m crazy about this, let me know but for what I’ve learned, reading a book these days goes something like this: you get excited about a book that you’ve started or are about to start. Then you get your Kindle or physical book and sit in your reading corner. You start munching on the writing and are doing great. 

Then 5 minutes into it, the doorbell rings, or the phone hits you with some notification, your dog barks, the TV just turns on like it’s a haunted house, you get a muscle cramp, you get tired and yawn your brains out, something goes down. And then you stop and just sit there, book in your hand, unwilling to continue. And then, you start reading it again in October, when there’s literally nothing to be done after 5 in the afternoon.

  1. Play some WoW for a bit…

And when you get up from your comfy PC gaming chair, it’s now 3:43 in the morning and you have to be up at 7:30 to get to work by 9. And that “a bit…” turned into “a heck lot” and now you’re tired, but agitated by the computer screen you’ve been staring at for the past 7 hours. And although you go to bed, you can’t sleep because you’re still fighting mobs in Duskwood.

  1. Browse Instagram

This actually helps you in getting even more bored so… Sure, you can browse Instagram if you’re bored but for me, what works is browsing the Stories and then annoying people with some semi rude and very little funny responses. Like if you’re posting a picture with yourself at the beach, and you’re only showing the legs because that’s what people do now, I’ll comment “nice hot dogs, can you get those with buns?” and then girls usually block me.

  1. Cook

Take a bowl and put some instant ramen noodles into it. Carefully boil some water in a completely safe kettle. Spill some of the boiled water onto your hands and shoes. Scream in agony. Pour the remaining water on top of the ramen noodles, at the “flavouring” packs and cover for 4 minutes. Take your chopsticks, pretend you know what you’re doing and enjoy.

  1. Prank call your dad

Dads are the best to be prank called. They just don’t care all the way up until there’s some money involved. You get to prank your dad on the phone? Oh man, you’ve got to involve some finances into it. That’s why I like to pretend to be my dad’s bank. Calling him right after lunch when he’s the most relaxed. Telling him that his bank card has been restricted due to some suspicious activity. On a porn website…

  1. Take on a new hobby

Sure, fishing is a great hobby but have you ever considered train surfing in India? They have these huge trains, right? But because Indians are so many, they can’t all fit inside the trains. So what they do is, they just go on top of the trains and sit there for hours until reaching their destination. You can call me an amateur Indian train surfer if you want. I saw the videos, I’m hooked!

  1. Watch scary videos so you can’t sleep

Why would you play a clip about a mysterious nightmare-inducing dog at 3 AM? Or watch Vice documentaries about African cannibal warlords? Please, do not search for smile.jpg on Google. Do not! Ok, are you already doing it? All right, good luck…

  1. Make pizza

Or just order one. I have a great woodfire oven pizza place in town, which does some great pizza that’s almost like the ones I’ve had in Naples, Italy. It’s the closest thing! Do you know what homemade pizza tastes like? Frozen isle pizza. 

  1. Invent the new wheel

Maybe a squared wheel or a triangular one. I don’t know where these ideas are coming from, maybe I should get checked…

  1. Do a magic trick

I’ve been doing magic for over 12 years now. Mostly for me since I have no friends and I’m awkward around other people. But the tricks I do for me? Man, they’re the best tricks I’ve ever seen…

  1. Take the cat out for a walk

Because dogs are too mainstream. I thought it was going to go well. It did not go well…

  1. Do some origami

Well, at least I gave it my best!

  1. Burn the house down

Preferably a little wooden house, not your actual house.

  1. Boil some potatoes

It’s fun watching something else boil, not yourself out of frustration over who knows what. So boil down some potatoes, then carefully remove them from the water and have them with some salt, pepper and some pumpkin seeds oil. That is probably the best liquid you’ll ever taste.

  1. Plant a tree in the backyard

Only to be taken down by your dad trying out the new minitractor with a double blade in the front. Sure, thanks dad, for helping me protect the environment…

  1. Watch paint dry

You can just open up Youtube for that, and search for “watch paint dry” videos. Easy!

  1. Open a lemonade stand

Make it pretty and then charge people a buck for lemon juice mixed with water. Make sure you add plenty of sugar into it. Wouldn’t be a refreshing drink without some diabetes in it.

  1. Ride a bike

Haven’t done that in a while. Maybe I’m not bored enough yet!

  1. Write a blog article about how super bored you are and 45 activities to overcome it and then reduce that to 23 because there are no 45 ridiculous activities you can do to relieve boredom

Done. Still bored. But I’m done.

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