100 Things To Do When You’re Left Without Internet

Here’s another list of things to do before you turn 30. Sort of, as this is about the mighty internet. A few weeks back, one of my clients wanted me to write an article for him about digital detoxing. There’s a trend now that says if you leave your phone off for two hours per day, somewhere in the afternoon, and don’t touch any devices for that period of time somehow you’ll feel amazing. I think this is a great idea for all of us, to put the phone down for at least one or two hours after work.

But people get bored.

People are used to doing something. All of the time. Put some people in a room with nothing in it. In a few minutes time, they will start going crazy. Literally. Because they say they have nothing to do in those two hours, people go for the phone and ruin their digital detox. The truth is, you do have a lot of things you can do without a phone which has an internet connection.

Here are 100 things to do when you’re left without internet. As a fun fact, these are also extremely helpful when you are in a power outage, as most of them work without any electronic devices.

1 Read;

2 Write;

3 Walk;

4 Go shopping;

5 Learn a poem;

6 Clean your room;

7 Try a new sport;

8 Take more showers;

9 Cook;

10 Do some gardening;

11 Talk to a neighbour;

12 Drive to somewhere new;

13 Eat at a new restaurant;

14 Sunbathe;

15 Meditate;

16 Help a friend;

17 Watch old movies you love;

18 Clean your phone and laptop;

19 Practice magic;

20 Look through old stuff;

21 Donate old clothes;

22 Buy a new shirt;

23 Surprise your parents with a visit;

24 Go to a museum;

25 Go to a concert;

26 Go to the movies;

27 Go to the theatre;

28 Go bowling;

29 Paint or draw something;

30 Walk the dog;

31 Tell someone a good joke;

32 Go to your favourite food stall;

33 Borrow a book from someone;

34 Tell him/her how you feel;

35 Make someone’s day;

36 Do three pull-ups;

37 Ride your bike around the block;

38 Have a beer with dad;

39 Eat popcorn;

40 Make a list of things you’d do if the internet would never come back;

41 Prepare a first aid kit for The End;

42 Do the cinnamon challenge;

43 Cut wood with an axe;

44 Pray;

45 Make birthday/vacation plans;

46 Go for a swim;

47 Clean your car spotless;

48 Mown the lawn;

49 Go to a park and relax;

50 Eat a pretzel;

51 Do 20 pushups;

52 Call someone dear to you;

53 Make a new friend;

54 Go to an airport and do some planespotting;

55 Play Monopoly;

56 Climb a tree;

57 Visit a store you have never been to before;

58 Play beer pong;

59 Babysit for a friend;

60 Mix a cocktail;

61 Play an instrument;

62 Ask a girl/boy out;

63 End things with someone if they’re not going anywhere;

64 Make a list of things you’re grateful for;

65 Make a list of places you’d like to visit;

66 Ride a horse;

67 Do the dishes;

68 Do laundry;

69 Have sex;

70 Admire a painting;

71 Help dad with constructions work;

72 Milk a cow;

73 Try and make 100 bucks in one day;

74 Listen to your favourite song on repeat for an hour;

75 Take a nap;

76 Laugh;

77 Cry;

78 Invest 100 bucks into something;

79 Play a game of chess;

80 Have an “on the rocks” alone at the bar;

81 Be kind for the entire day;

82 Listen to the radio;

83 Watch an entire movie on the TV;

84 Do yoga;

85 Compliment 5 people;

86 Smell the flowers;

87 Have a guilt-free ice cream;

88 Eat an entire watermelon;

89 Ride the train;

90 Get a fresh haircut;

91 Play the lottery;

92 Buy a newspaper/magazine;

93 Find a weird object;

94 Eat something vegan;

95 Prank call someone;

96 Ask your parents about how they met;

97 Sing in the bathtub;

98 Count to 100 as fast as you can;

99 Make a list of 100 things you can do when the internet is down for 5 hours;

100 Smile.

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