How To Spot An Idiot In 5 Seconds Or Less

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Idiots. We all know them, we’ve all seen them, heck, some of us might be one of them. This breed of human beings is the most unpleasant of them all. I’d rather have dinner with a drug cartel lord than with an idiot. At least we’d be talking about something interesting, not just listening to the idiot talking about how he’s great, although he’s one dollar away from famine.

When talking about idiots, there are some key aspects one can look for in order to discover this individual as fast as possible and then get rid of him. Idiots don’t usually know this about themselves so for them, it’s all daily business. Why should you be able to spot an idiot in 5 seconds or less? Because you can save yourself from actually meeting them even further.

  1. He’s talking all the time

I know this one guy who, whenever he starts talking, he never quits it. If you have an opinion about the thing that he’s talking about, there’s no way for you to express it because he’s the only one doing the talking. The worst part is, he’s exaggerating things, taking conspiracies for facts, the usual idiotic shit. I just excuse myself and leave whenever he shows up. It’s easy.

  1. He’s not wearing a mask

I am amazed by the number of idiots around me since this coronavirus pandemic. The only thing most of us have to do is to wear a mask whenever we’re at the store, or talking directly to somebody. Yet there they are, these idiots, not only going to the store without a mask but also condemning it on social media. I blocked literally hundreds of “friends” from Facebook on this.

  1. He takes forever to make a right turn

It just happened this morning. I was driving to work and this idiot was going 30 in a 50 zone. I tried to flash him, honk him, everything because he was going like that for more than 3 miles already. Nothing worked. And then by the end of it, when our roads finally split, he took FOREVER to make a right turn. Idiot. I think I’d still be there if he were trying to make a left…

  1. He deeply believes his opinion is always right

Coronavirus is not all bad. For once it makes people who are complete idiots stand out from the crowd. Because sometimes you can’t tell, right? Nowadays, when you see them on social media, claiming that they know how all of this corona business is a hoax, and NOTHING will change their opinion, you know: idiot. So much easier to just block the heck out of them…

  1. He’s a politician

I’m starting to believe all politicians are idiots. It’s just that over the past few weeks the race for the local elections has started here in Romania. And to be honest the entire spectrum of people who are running for their particular offices, like mayor or county president are all swearing about one another. Nothing about what’s been done and what’s to be done. Seriously?

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