A Few Final Thoughts On 2020

final thoughts 2020

I’m staring at this blank page where I should be writing some final thoughts on 2020, but nothing comes out. After a normal year, it usually comes easy for me to do a recap, a rewind, review, whatever. But in my mind, everything that has happened this year feels like… like a ghiveci! For you non-Romanians, ghiveci is a dish in which you basically stew all vegetables that you have in your pantry, in some tomato juice. It’s nice tasting, but you can’t be sure on what you’re actually eating.

Before we begin on these final thoughts on 2020 episode, just take a quick peek at the 2019 piece. It feels like it’s been written in another era altogether, not just 12 months ago. It shows that entire worlds can change in a blink of an eye that is one year. They don’t need thousands of years, just an almost invisible virus, and we’re there. Now let’s talk about 2020 for a little bit.


On a personal note, for me 2020 was, for lack of a better word, linear. It wasn’t the transformative year 2019 was, with the international trips (some examples are Lisbon and Sintra, the Italy Grand Tour – including my stay in a haunted 1000-year-old castle and eating pizza in an ancient pizzeria in Naples, Marrakech and its surprises, or the Romania by car tour) and the weight loss I’ve managed to accomplish. It was a stable year, both mentally and physically. Still not married, nor do I have a girlfriend, but I’m still thinking with a child’s mind often. So I can’t only blame the girls!


I was about to leave this section of my 2020 rewind aside, but it got me thinking after taking a quick look on Instagram. I mean, I’ve been to some cool places in my own country, places like the Transfagarasan, Poiana Brasov, Apuseni and the Danube that I’d otherwise never thought about visiting in a normal non-pandemic year. Not mad, but grateful for a 2020 travel year that’s been relaxed, but rewarding. Less is more!


Related to work and my freelancing business that is now 5 years of full-time progress, my thoughts on 2020 are that it has been, by far, the best year yet. With so many things running online, content creation has seen a surge in demand, and I was there for the supply. I’m thankful for this and, despite the 40% increase in income from 2019, I’m happier with the long-lasting clients I’ve managed to secure for 2021, and the progress that I’ve made in doing more in less time, and enjoying the rest of it for my hobbies, my family and friends, and for keeping a balance between all of them.

This blog in 2021

I’m changing the purpose of this blog in 2021. Instead of sporadic, sometimes weekly, sometimes more, and sometimes less than that of a posting schedule, I’m going for a twice-a-month scheme. Instead of focusing on thoughts and feelings about this and that, I’ll dedicate the two monthly articles to well-researched pieces that matter to me and you. I’ll go part journalism, part data, part advice, and (small) part feelings. I’m still adding feelings, human emotion. This is a blog after all!

What I mean by that is, I’ll focus on articles that will last longer than a few weeks or months. Articles with true meaning and knowledge in them, which can be read for improvement of one’s abilities, skills, and determination to do better. All of which will be focusing on freelancing, writing, money management, social media for business use, and some travel tips. And some feelings.

Final thoughts on 2020

I wouldn’t go as far as to say 2020 was the best year of my life. Travel was one of the main shortcomings of 2020, the one I’ve faced with the most difficulty. At times, it was driving me nuts, literally. Yet despite that, and the pandemic, 2020 was an above-average year. I’ve had much worse, and then much better. But not very many years that were better than 2020, if you catch my drift. It was good, despite the bad. Relaxed, despite the craziness. Profitable, despite the crisis. And transforming, despite the monotony.

I will surely never forget 2020, but I’m now eager for 2021 and some more action!

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