About me

My name is Gabriel, I’m 25 and no, I’m not from Egypt. It’s just a photo from my recent trip. I live in Romania, in a cool town called Timisoara. Ever since I was a little boy, I was fascinated by the possibility of putting ideas, images, life events and stories into words.

In 3rd grade, I got my first A in Literature class with a story about my dog Ella, which was the first time I’ve ever gone nuts over a grade at school. In high-school, I got a bad grade in Informatics, which had me thinking about opening a blog online and write about my injustice and sorrow, so I did just that.

The next day, the whole city, including the mayor, had learned about my blog and read my story. I got into trouble and almost got expelled because of the blog post, but I knew that for the rest of my life I’d love to do just that: put words on a blank document and write until it made a difference, for me and my readers.

I landed my first job as a journalist at age 17. For 8 years or so, I worked in all forms of media, including online and printed press, television, radio and podcast production. I am also an author and writing consultant, which is most helpful if you’re also preparing to become a published author and are in need of guidance.

My goal is to simply come up with the best content for you, regardless if you’re a blogger, business owner, future author, scholar or any other person that needs something to be well written.

If you want to get in contact with me, simply write me an email at invdeck1@gmail.com or message me on Upwork, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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