What Is A Content Creator Anyways?!

As you guys might know, I’m a content creator. People ask me all the time about how I earn my money. And when I tell them that I write for a living, they usually raise their noses and then just say “meh” or “aha” and leave.

They think I’m a writer in the true sense, but then they’re confused because they’ve never heard about me on the TV or in the media. They never heard about my books or novels. Which is normal, because creating content has nothing to do with being a published author.

Well, it does, if you’re a ghostwriter, but your work goes out under the names of the people that hired you to write their books for them. I myself wrote 5 full books this year, but none of them will be with my name on them.

I was paid to write the books and that’s that. No fame. No Hollywood. No royalties. This is what a content creator does. He or she gets paid to create the content that goes in a book, a novel, a website, blog article, news story, brochure, recipe, whitepaper, basically, everything that you can think off.

The truth is, most of the content you read on a daily basis is produced by a content creator in a way or another.

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