5 Things Doing Magic To People Has Taught Me About Them

I have about 60 decks of cards in one of my drawers. I also have a lot of magic props, some fake thumbs, a few invisible elastics and so on. Just the basics. The truth is, I love magic and all that’s to know about it.

Over the years, I’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands of bucks on cards, props and instructional books or videos that taught me how to do tricks that would blow the minds of my friends away. It’s a precious thing to be able to make people wonder and forget about everything, even for a few seconds.

Doing magic for over 10 years now, although just for friends and family, has taught me a lot about people. Their reactions, their curiosity and amazement, they’ve all taught me so much about the human condition.

1. People are easily deceivable

“There’s no way in hell you know my card!”

And then you show them the card and they’re going nuts. People are always so convinced they know the truth, it makes them so easily deceivable. So easy to lie to and convince them something is the way you say it is, even if it’s not.

2. People love to be deceived

“Oh my God, that is absolutely amazing, I loved it!”

Even if they’ve just been lied to, people have the tendency to first be great with it. It happens not only during a magic trick but also through advertising, politics and social media. They’re great with buying a diet coke because go figure, it’s healthier. They’re great with having a new car because it’s so much better, although the old car was doing the job just fine.

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